Spelt Banana Loaf/Muffins

Spelt Banana Loaf or Muffins

Yield 2 standard loaves or 10 muffins


Ripe banana 800g (5-7)
Medium maple syrup 100g
Brown sugar 150g
Canola oil 120g
Vanilla bean paste 8g
Whole grain spelt flour 380g
Baking soda 16g
Salt ½ tsp (2g)
Cinnamon 1 tsp
Toasted pecan pieces 80g


  1. Break bananas into large pieces; beat on medium using paddle attachment until smooth with some visible chunks (1-2 minutes.) Add maple syrup and sugar; beat until combined.  Slowly add oil while mixing on low speed.  Add vanilla and mix briefly to combine.
  2. Whisk together all dry ingredients (excluding pecan pieces). Add dry to wet and mix until just combined.  Make sure to mix well with a spatula to ensure there is nothing hiding at the bottom of the bowl.  Stir in pecan pieces; reserving some for garnish.  Make sure not to over mix.
  3. Transfer to greased loaf or muffin pan lined with papers. Top each with banana slices & reserved pecans.
  4. Bake at 350 F for 18-22 minutes for muffins; 45-60 minutes for standard loaf or until deep golden brown and tester comes out dry.


  • Can be prepared without a mixer; simply mash the bananas well with a fork before adding the other wet ingredients.  The oil can be partially or completely replaced with more mashed banana or unsweetened apple sauce, but the texture with be significantly different; they may also need a little longer to bake.